Which chipset is inside this USB GPS?
I bought a USB GPS from China and would like to know whether it is SiRFStar III chip. Is there any software that can display the chipset used in a GPS receiver?

I run SiRF Demo with it and couldn't switch to SiRF mode. Could it be SiRFStar III not supported in SiRF Demo?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi senderj,

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Perhaps your USB GPS receiver uses a chipset by a different manufacturer, that's why you may not be able to switch to SiRF mode. Is there a model number on the unit?
Marvin, Thanks for the reply. It is called GSpace GS-R213. From the seller (a China website) it is same as Holux GR213 manufactured by a sister factory of Holux in mainland China. He claimed that it use SiRFStar III, but didn't response to SiRF mode. I am still holding the payment because I suspect it is not SiRFStar III. THat is why I have to find out as soon as possible. Any help would be much appreciated.
Marvin Hlavac
That unit is based on the SiRFstarIII chip.
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