Moving Streets & Trips data files to SD card
I have an ASUS 900 8G-SSD running Windows XP with Microsoft Streets and Trips installed on an SD card. I would like to relocate the Streets Data files to the SD card (about half a G). Anyone know of a procedure to do this?

The actual file which I am interested in is in Documents and Settings/All Users/Microsoft/Microsoft Streets & Trips/17.0/Data/USAARTS.MDB 410,976 KB
I was getting tight for space on my 8G SSD. Some SYSTEM folders had become very large, and I knew of no way to move them to another storage device. I have a 16G SD card which has many of the larger programs and suites installed on it. Came across the JUNCTION command:


Which allowed me to move the entire c:Windows/Installer to my SD card (D: drive). This function causes Windows to believe that it is referencing a folder on the C: drive which has been moved to some other device.
This capability may be useful to anyone trying to conserve space on C:.

Download and unzip the function. Stuff it in the Windows/SYSTEM32 folder and follow the examples at the above web site. There are also a number of functions in the SYSINTERNALS SUITE referenced in the Utilities section at this site.
Marvin Hlavac
Waterlu, thanks for updating the thread, and sharing with us the procedure. It may come handy to users of netbooks with limited storage space.
I also have an 8G 'SSD' in my Benq S6 MID but haven't had to go that route. I just tell the program to install on D: (MicroSDHC card). What is it that using JUNCTION for that folder adds?

Installing Streets and Trips 2011. The total size is 1.42G. You have control as to where the program is loaded. It is 976M. I also direct it to be loaded onto an SD card which has a Program Directory. There is also a directory called 18.0 which is 450M. It gets put into ProgramData directory of Vista or Documentsandsettings in XP. With normal controls, this can't be directed to an alternate storage device. Junction would allow you to move the entire Documentsandsettings folder to an alternate device.

The folders for the different versions of S&T which are the targets are:

2009 16.0
2010 17.0
2011 18.0
That is good information! Thanks. I have not tried S&T on the Benq as the small screen would make it useless.

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