Installing Backroad GPS Maps on Garmin Mobile PC
Long story...

First of all, I have an Asus Eee PC netbook, Garmin 20X GPS, along with Garmin Mobile PC. (Windoz XP)

Last Monday, after talking with the people at Backroad Mapbooks, & told the SD card would work in my netbook, I ordered it & it came on Thursday. After opening it up in Mapsource, & using the supplied unlock code, I then used the Map tool, selected a region close to home for trial purposes & sent it to device(mobilepc).

When I opened up Garmin Mobile PC, I got an error message:
Can't unlock maps using unit id#...
So, I talked with tech support at Mapbooks, & was told that the SD card wouldn't work on my GPS puck! I had to mail it back & then they would send me a DVD, which would work. In the mean time, she would send me another unlock code for my device, once she received the tracking # from Canada Post, which was appreciated.

After deleting the old unlock code in Mapsource, & putting in the new one, I sent a map set to MobilePC. Then I could finally view the maps in MobilePC! Along with the email with the unlock code, I was also sent another link with the Points of Interests (POI) for their mapbook. I couldn't open them in Mapsource, but, after searching on this forum, found out that I had to create a new folder in Garmin MobilePC called POI, & copy & paste them in there. After that they showed up, but weren't 'clickable'. I asked Ken what was happening & he told me what to do:
To do lookups in the file so you can see the descriptions of the POIs you need to click on "Where To?" on the main Mobile PC page and click on "EXTRAS" (the icon is a box with a ribbon on it). There are many categories to choose from. When you click on an entry you will see a mini-map with the POI showing. You can zoom in to see it more closely. You can click on the "More" button at the upper left to read the detailed description.
While I was waiting on his reply, I noticed MobilePC had an update (WRONG!). I installed V5.00.7 & then it started crashing on me I then did another search here & found out about the "issues" with that new version. Ken emailed me a link to revert back to 5.00.6 & I installed that & now it works as before (hasn't Garmin resolved that one yet!).

So, now I can use the Backroad GPS Map in MobilePC, & it seems to work fine(ily). What I have noticed however is that in Mapsource, there are a bunch of camera icons, that I would assume would be photos, but they don't show up in MobilePC. Also in MobilePC, there are other icons that are a square with an X in them & they say Restricted area (there are a lot of them). Anyone know about these?

A big thank You to Ken for his assistance in helping me through all of this Gary (now taking a big breath!)
Ken in Regina
Hi Gary,

:welcome: to Laptop GPS World. I'm glad I could help and thanks for reposting the situation in the forum for us. We can help a lot more people if the questions and answers are in the forums rather than in private messages (PMs).

I see the camera icons in Mobile PC. You probably just need to zoom tighter to see them. In Mapsource I only have to zoom to 700m to see them (Detail set to "Highest"). In Mobile PC I need to zoom to 120m to see them, regardless of the Detail setting. On my Nuvi 765T I have to zoom to 50m to see them, regardless of the Detail setting.

They appear to just be a choice of icons that the Backroad Mapbooks people have made for certain items on the map. I don't think there is any significance other than that (e.g. not like the similar icons you see in Google Earth or Google Maps).

I also note that they are map objects, not anything from the custom POI file that you were trying to access. That is, they are objects that are embedded in the map data. There are two reasons I know this. First, there isn't any way to load and view the custom POI file in Mapsource, so the only way they'll show in Mapsource is if they are part of the map data.

Second, you may have already noticed that when you search ("Where To?") the "Extras" (custom POIs) in Mobile PC there are no icons displayed for any of the Backroad Mapbooks custom POIs, just small black squares. On my Nuvi they display with their proper icons (boat launch, fishing, etc.)

I couldn't find any of the Restricted Area icons in either Mapsource or Mobile PC. Can you point me to an area that has some of them? (coordinates from the bottom status line in Mapsource would be great)
One thing I don't like about BackRoad Mapbooks with Mobile PC is it is the top of the pecking order. That is, if it is checked, no other maps will show. And, in that case, there are some POIs you can't route to (possibly missing ferry routes). I usually leave CNNA NT or MetroGuide Canada as the selected map as the the extra POIs are still available.

OK, I figured out what those (restricted) icons mean. They simply designate dead-end roads. However, not all of the dead-end roads have them, just some. I'm still getting used to navigating the software! And regarding the camera icons, I think it's strange they would use that particular one. Maybe they are there for future use?
Ken in Regina
Hi Gary,

I can't speak for Backroad Mapbooks, of course, but I can tell you that I have used the same camera icon for the "attractions" category in my personal waypoints since before Google Maps/Earth was a gleem in anyone's eye. It's a natural and logical choice for scenic things which don't really fit into any other category. I've got such things as waterfalls, Craigdarroch Castle and Ronnings Garden in that category with that icon.

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