Is there any way to check for firmware updates for Navation GPS 168?
Hey everyone,

I just picked up Streets and Trips 2010 (with GPS) at OfficeMax today for 30 bucks. Crazy right? Well, Best Buy next door was having a sell for 50$, so I went over to Office Max and they said they would beat the price, lol.

First off, I want to say I absolutely LOVE it all! The streets and trips is a little confusing, but I just needa mess around with it for a while. :P

ANYWAYS. The adapter that came with it was Navation GPS 168. Is there any way to check for firmware updates for it, or is that not needed?

Thanks ^_^
Ken in Regina
It shouldn't be needed. If it doesn't work correctly right out of the box it's most likely defective and should be returned for a warranty replacement.

My S&T GPS (Navation 168) has always worked fine. If you go into your device mgr in Windows it is ublox 5 and gallilieo in Ports (com & lpt). There does appear to be a recent firmware update for ublox 5 http://www.u-blox.com/en/firmware/gps-modules-firmware/u-blox-5-firmware.html.

Is anyone savvy enough to be able to say if this applies and / or how to do it?


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