How to get Delorme GPS LT-40 USB receiver to work with Microsoft AutoRoute?
Would you help me with the GPS navigation for my laptop Acer Aspire One?

I have bought in USA software, Delorme Street Atlas, with USB GPS antena LT-40. It is only for USA, Canada, and Mexico. But I'm in Europe, and I would like to use this antenna for GPS navigation on my laptop.

I downloaded Microsoft AutoRoute 2010 60 days trial, but this software does not work with my USB antenna. It says there is
no GPS receiver detected. Make sure there is a GPS device connected to the port COM.
But I do not have COM port on my laptop, and antenna is connected by USB.

Thanks David Spinka
An article at Delorme Support explains how to install a free program they provide to get COM port output from an Earthmate GPS. Once this program is running, you will be able to use your LT40 with Autoroute.
DeLorme Serial Emulation Driver for Earthmate GPS Receivers

Perfect help. It is running now. Thanks

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