How to load iGuidance 4 map data to hard drive?
I recently purchased iGuidance 4.0 on DVD for my Toughbook CF-28 (XP Pro) and ran the install from the autorun setup. Everything seems to be working fine once I managed to get it to see my Bluetooth GPS by using Franson GPSGate. I had a difficult time finding an available COM port up to COM16 (iGuidance limit) since my Bluetooth seemed to prefer to create virtual COM ports 17 and up.

My question is how to load the map data to the hard drive since it is annoying trying to remember to bring the DVD with me everywhere I go. I thought I remembered reading about a map loader file, but cannot seem to find that on the DVD.

I am also not able to save favorites and can only assume this is due to the map data being on the DVD - which is write protected obviously, and I hope that once the map data is on the hard drive this will resolve the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!
Marvin Hlavac
Gratefuldeadbolt, earlier versions of iGuidance included an application called "MapLoader". This was discontinued in version 4. At least my iG4 doesn't have it. I have one of the first copies of iGuidance 4, and I don't know if MapLoader was later reintroduced or not.

I think one of the reasons for removing MapLoader from iGuidance was to simplify installation. But I think it backfired a bit, because the developer failed to include in the installer a procedure which would copy the map data to a laptop (or to another device).

The correct iGuidance 4 installation steps are described in the manual, but I think most of us don't read manuals, we just insert the DVD, and then follow the on-screen prompts (as we should). The missing piece is that we have to manually copy and paste a folder from the DVD onto our hard drive (or a memory card in case of a PDA).

Since you've already installed iGuidance 4, I'd recomend the following:

* Uninstall iGuidance 4
* Copy the folder iNav iGuidance from the DVD into your C:\
* Install iGuidance 4

Now all should work as expected. The iNav iGuidance folder contains the map data, so you will no longer need the DVD inserted while using the program. Favorite destinations, recent destinations, and itinerary will be stored in the iNav iGuidance folder.
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