GPS Navigation PC software for Malaysia Southeast Asia
Dear all, this is my 1st time researching for a GPS software to use in Malaysia. It seems that most software support US & Europe? I've searched Microsoft Streets & Trips, but it seems they are only available in the US and Canada.

From reading this forum, I've searched for Teleatlas. Is that good? I've just contacted their Malaysian office but I'm directed to their Singapore headquarter atm.

Basically, I'm looking for a software compatible with IBM navigation PC to be used in an automotive field test here. Antennas will be hooked up connecting to PC. Sorry details are hazy at the moment, I just received the task.

If anybody would be kind enough to point me in the right direction, which software I should be looking for, that would be great!
TeleAtlas is a mapping data supplier, not an end user product provider. I know Garmin has map products for Malaysia that would probably work with the version of Mobile PC that includes a GPS. However, I suspect there are less expensive alternatives those from your area might be more familiar with.

Ken in Regina
Hello ped,

Please take a look at the site.

"Malsing" is from "Malaysia" plus "Singapore". There is some excellent information about maps for Malaysia.

All of the maps available on Malsingmaps site have versions that are compatible with Garmin equipment. As Terry (tcassidy) said, you can use Garmin Mobile PC and add maps from Garmin (the link in his message goes to Garmin's City Navigator Singapore/Malaysia maps) or maps from

To use the maps from Garmin, you must buy a version of Mobile PC that includes a Garmin GPS receiver.

Also first confirm with Garmin that the Garmin downloadable map versions will work with Garmin Mobile PC; it is a reasonable assumption that they will. We know the SD versions will not.

Thanks guys for all the response! I"m interested in the Garmin Mobile PC. I've suggested it to my superior. For now we will be using the IBM PC. So I'll check if its compatible with Garmin GPS receiver.
Guys, assuming that I'm using a compatible Mobile PC, do I need to buy that GPSx10/20 sensor (USB) separately from Garmin?
Sorry im still a lil confused.

1. Using the IBM PC (which I don't have now, so I can't check the specs), if it has NMEA compatible GPS receiver, is it sufficient to just buy the 'Garmin Mobile PC software' (I checked from the link above)? then it will work as it is, preloaded with maps?, or

2. do I need to buy additional mapping solution?
Ken in Regina
If you can find maps from somewhere that is not Garmin you can use any NMEA GPS receiver and the software-only version of Garmin Mobile PC.

If you want to use Garmin's "City Navigator Singapore/Malaysia" maps you must buy a version of Mobile PC that comes bundled with a Garmin GPS receiver (either the GPS10x Bluetooth receiver or the GPS20x USB receiver).

- Garmin's maps need to be unlocked.
- Unlocking Garmin maps requires them to be unlocked for a specific Garmin GPS receiver because the GPS receiver serial number is part of the information used to create the unlock code for the maps.

If you can find maps that are not from Garmin and do not need to be unlocked, you do not need a Garmin GPS receiver.

I hope that helps to explain it.

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