I bought Meiligao VT300 & GPS-103, but I cannot make the GPRS tracking to work
I bought these vehicle tracking devices to help me out in my tracking business. I though it was going to be easy, but I guess its really complicated. I followed all the instructions in the manual, but I cannot seem to make it work. Can you guys help me out?

Is it advisable to put up my own home server? I tried to install GPS Gate server, but it seems too technical for me, and I think it will cost a lot.

I have a total of 80 units. Can you suggest the best thing that would fit me, and at the same time be cost efficient? The two devices include software, but I cannot make it work. The SMS tracking works where the device would send back its coordinates to my mobile phone. I cannot make the GPRS tracking to work.

Thank you very much.
Ken in Regina
Have you contacted the manufacturers of these devices for help? Both of them come with software for vehicle tracking. That is a very specialized application.

Marvin Hlavac

Welcome to the forums, relaxgman. I'm sure the manufacturer will be more than glad to help, especially since you purchased 80 units.
Nope I havent purchased 80 units yet. I will if it works. The devices require and ip address. I dont have static ip in my house. I have trouble configuring it.
Ken in Regina
If the units cannot use DHCP (dynamic IP adress assignment) and if you are keeping this all behind your router at home, you can assign any arbitrary static IP address to the devices as long as they are in the address range your router supports (usually 192.168.*.*).

I have a combination here. Most of my computers are just set up for DHCP so they take the IP address the router assigns them. But for one specific program I need a static address on the computer it runs on. So I just use one address in the range my router is set up for and set that computer up with that static IP address instead of setting it up as DHCP.

The router doesn't care as long as the static IP address is in the range you have told it is valid.

That is, when a device connects to the router it will tell the router that it wants an address assigned (DHCP) or it tells the router it's using the static address that you have assigned it. As long as the static address is in the valid range, the router is happy and will allow that device to connect.

Depending on your router and how its security settings work, you might have to tell your router about any static IP addresses you want to use. There is usually somewhere in the settings that you can enter a list of static IP addresses (either individual addresses or a range) that it should accept connections from.

I hope that helps.

I am still having a difficult time. Can you guys help by giving a step by step?
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by relaxgman
I am still having a difficult time. Can you guys help by giving a step by step?
Apologies in advance to those, including the original poster, who might think the following is a little bit harsh. In business, the following is known as a risk assessment. If you look at the original poster's problem, it's a non-trivial business problem that deserves an objective assessment of the risks inherent in the current approach -- depending on amateur volunteers for technical support.

If you are planning to purchase and install 80 of these units and support and maintain them, it sounds like you need to find yourself a consultant with the necessary knowledge.

You still haven't stated whether you have contacted the manufacturer for assistance. Most manufacturers of such devices have excellent tech support and it's part of what you are paying for when you buy the device. If you are planning to purchase 80 of these devices, now is definitely the time you should be assessing their ability to provide you with the level of support you need.

If you don't have the necessary training/education/experience and leave yourself dependent on voluntary sites like this for support, you can find yourself in trouble really quickly. Those with the necessary knowledge to help with any specific problem might not be around when you need them or don't have the time for the detailed assistance you might need.

Even if you can get timely answers to your questions they might not be good answers for your situation. Your application is specific enough that you need the exact answer to fit your problem.

As far as giving a step by step, you haven't supplied sufficient information about your problem. In order to get good answers you have to ask good questions. If you need very specific and detailed answers, you need to ask detailed and specific questions.

If you want a step by step for a detailed procedure you need to be very specific about what procedure you need directions for. Looking back at the previous messages in the discussion it looks like you might be in need of a bunch of different step by step directions for how to get GPRS set up in the device; how to get the GPRS data from the device to a data server somewhere; how to set up a server or get access to one; how to get the data from the server into a map display for visual tracking, and maybe more.

If you can be more specific about a specific procedure that you are having difficulty with -- the exact steps you have taken and the results you are getting, including the specific error messages -- it's possible someone here might be able to help. I'm not sure if anyone has any experience with GPRS but maybe someone does.

Have you seen, or tried to create, a simple diagram of what pieces (hardware and software functions) you need and how they all connect together in order to get the location data from the device in the vehicle to a tracking display on a map on a computer in the desired location?

Do you have any idea how GPRS works? Have you checked with your cellular provider to get the necessary access point information to program the device and also get information about how to connect a computer to their network so you can receive the location data via GPRS? Or how to direct the GPRS data to a service like GPSGate's?

Before you commit to any solution it's time to get on the phone with tech support from the device manufacturer, your cell service provider and the provider of tracking services like Franson's GPSGate service and see how much each of them can help you. If you still have difficulty with that kind of professional tech support, you need to reassess your approach.

If it looks like the problem is with a supplier, select a different one and try again.

If it looks like the problem is that you don't have the necessary experience to pull it off yourself even with the help of good tech support from the suppliers, you need to consider hiring professional assistance.

It's only my opinion, but if you set out to do this it sounds like you already have a lot of risk because of your lack of experience with this specific set of technologies. Do you really want to add to the risk by being dependent on amateur volunteers who might or might not be around with the answers you need when you need them and who certainly will not have the same sense of urgency you do when a problem comes up?


I want to apologize for my replies.

It started like this... I am based from the Philippines. I work for my family who has 80 trucks. One my fleet's clients required for to put up GPS tracking devices in my units. It started last November. Even though it was very costly 1,200 Php per unit a month for 12 units, but the device was free and the GPRS data was included, we still applied for it because it was a company directive. Unfortunately, their third party supplier is not doing a good job. I wasn't able to use the system that much. Most of the time they're down or they will come up with some excuse. What I did was I started studying about their devices and found out that they are just generic products from China and that they run on SIM cards. They have their own server and they gave me an application called iView from Pixillusion. The company server's name is Snaptech and the telecom company is Globe.
To cut it short we were not happy with the service.

So I wanted to look for another supplier. Then I met this guy from Pixillusion. He offered me the same service. But he was selling the devices for 16,500 Php a unit. That cost is very high for me. That's when I decided... What if I put up my own for my own use. Since these two companies were just using the same generic devices.

I looked into eBay and found a supplier for China. I got one GPS-103 and VT300. Not knowing how it will really work I took the risk since the ad told me that it was so easy to track the devices on the net as long as you have a GPRS connection which I can get from Globe as well.

The software is already included. I was able to program the apn which is internet.globea.com.ph. The IP address I put it was the one using in my PC. I went to whatismyipadress.com to know what my IP address was. I also included port the 7070. But still it did not work. GPRS connection is fine because it deducted credits from my account.

The supplier gave me an option to track it in gpstrackerxy.com. The units just said its online. But the map showed that its location is in the s sea. So there must be an error.

It goes with a trial software. But like the GPS103 it does not work as well.

I like to know if its possible for me to put up my own server. What software do I need to have

I tried getting the Franson GpsGate server but I cannot understand it. It always asks for MYSQL which I don't know how to use.

Or its possible to use an SMS modem (rt - 200) to track the device locations. Is it advisable? My supplier is offering it to me also.
Ken in Regina
Re: setting up your own tracking server.

-- Yes, of course you can set one up. But as you are finding, the knowledge to do so is not trivial. Before you can do that, below are some of the issues you probably need to get working.

Re: tracking with gpstrackerxy.com

-- Is the device set up to send the coordinates in the same format their server is expecting? (I don't even know if this is an option but it needs to be verified in case it is.)

-- Are they set up to receiver data from that specific unit (e.g. is the name of the unit spelled exactly the same in its setup and on their setup and similar issues)?

-- Is the unit set up to send the data .. there might be a timer to tell it to wake up and send data every XX minutes or hours?

These are just basic questions. I know nothing about GPS tracking devices or GPS tracking but these are the kinds of basic things that can be causing the problem.

Re: using your own computer for initial testing to verify that you can get GPRS data.

-- Do you have the necessary program installed on your computer to receive the GPRS data?

-- Is your computer connected to the internet through a router? Routers act as firewalls and will block incoming data on most ports except those used for common services such as email, web browsers and ftp. For other less common port usage you normally need to program your router to allow data on that port. Sometimes you also need to tell the router which program on your computer will use that port. Your internet service provider's router might also be blocking the port you need, so check with them also.

-- Are you running a firewall software on your computer? Windows' firewall is enabled by default. By default it also blocks most ports, especially from incoming data. Or you might be running a security suite instead of just a stand-alone anti-virus program. Security suites include a firewall. You might even have two firewalls, as many people do, without knowing it. Many people buy and install a security suite (Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, etc) that includes a firewall and do not turn off the Windows firewall.

For testing purposes you need to make sure your router is allowing data on the necessary port and that your internet service provider's routers are also. Then you need to turn off your software firewall(s) - all of them! (for testing purposes only .. you can figure out how to make the firewall pass data later if this happens to be part of the problem).


-- For your tracking server to work it needs to store the data somewhere. That's called a database. Franson's is obviously choosing to use the free MySQL database product with their GPSGate server. You can download it here:

MySQL :: MySQL Downloads

You should be able to find the necessary documentation also somewhere on that site. All you should need to know is how to install it. Once it is installed on your computer it will become a kind of "service" that the GPSGate server is looking for and now will find and use.

Re: other issues.

I know almost nothing about SMS or GPRS and nothing at all about GPS tracking applications so I cannot comment on how to run the GPSGate server or whether to look at the SMS modem for tracking.

Have you contacted Franson's to see if you can get some consulting help to get your tracking working with either their online service or their server?

A friend of mine worked for a few years in the Philippines managing projects to install a major telecommunication system there. The company I worked for for most of my career has an international department that has been doing telecommunications projects in the Philippines for many years.

Hello, I'm having the same problem with GPS 103. I tried gpstrackerxy.com, and it shows my location on the sea near Africa.

Did you solve the problem?

I also tried a private server, and the GPS sends data, but not in the correct format. It only send IMEI N
Have the GPS 103. It goes with a free software. At first it just shows that your device is in water. If you use SMS tracking, and place your device in a more proper location, it will definitely work. But the server thing doesn't, unless you have other ways. Let me know and may be we can put up a development thing.
Hello everybody,

I have the same problem with my GPS tracker 103. I bought it and it's working very good on SMS, but not on GPRS. I can't understand where I am wrong.

I read the manual and made all the settings for GPRS tracking. But I have 2 problems:

1. if I use gpstrackerxy.com and try to add the IMEI on their software, I get the message: "IMEI invalidation." I don`t understand why, because I am the first user of it?

2. if I install the software from the CD on my computer, after I make all the settings for GPS, I have a static IP on PC, but the GPS sends me SMS that it can not connect: "Please check your IP and server to set!". I tried with different types of GSM networks, still the same problem. And offcourse, the GPS tracker program on my computer is showing me that my car is in the sea!

Can you please help me, you are my last chance. I tried everything for the last 3 days, every day and night. I'm dreaming solutions, but... doesn't work.

Thank you and I'm sorry for my English.

Have a good day.
Ken in Regina
This is an area that we have no users with successful experience. It appears that there might be problems with the software that comes with the GPS-103 but it is impossible to say for sure because I have no experience with that product.

Have you tried to get help from the manufacturer of the GPS-103?

Your English is excellent.


Thanks for the answer. I've read all the forum before I wrote here. Unfortunately, I don't know who is the manufacturer of this device. I bought it from internet, directly from China. I have the user manual in English, but this is no good. Actually, I think is a problem with the device, because it doesn't sent the info.

Anyway, this is the only forum where I found something about GPS-103. So I wrote here to find out if somebody managed to fix this problem.

Ken, thanks a lot.

Have a good day.
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