Where to download S&T Keys 2007, and S&T Keys 2008?
I can't find a download for the S&T Keys 2007, and S&T Keys 2008 from Marvin. Anyone got it or did I just miss it.
You can have my 2007 version in my signature. This is the latest version you can find for S&T Keys 2007. I recommend using that one as you would have the latest bug fixes. The 2007 version is not supported anymore

The 2008 version is not supported anymore neither, but you can find the latest version here (from Marvin):

Marvin Hlavac
Hi mocars2, and welcome to the forums. MisterMoonlight took over the S&T Keys project a couple of years ago. He's done some remarkable improvements to the product.

If you cannot locate the exact version you need in the links MisterMoonlight provided above, let me know, and I will try to dig it up for you.
Thanks both of you for your reply.
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