NEED GPSlim 236
I had a 236 and it worked great with my laptop. Unfortunately I left it in a hotel room, I think. I have all the cables ect. so only need the unit with battery. Does anyone have one at a resonable price. Marvin, I like the bluetooth instead of USB now, so what is your current recommendation for a bluetooth receiver if I can't find a 236. I would still like to be in the 50-60 $ range. thanks
Marvin Hlavac
You could try to look for the GPSlim236 on eBay. Just be careful because many users had issues with the 236 - after several months of usage the Bluetooth module stopped working.

If you wish to go for something new, there have never been more interesting choices on the market as now: www.semsons.com/bluetgpsrec.html. That's a link to the Bluetooth GPS section of Semsons.com. Look for features that are important to you, such as for example battery life. Don't worry about the number of channels advertised (they all have more than we ever need), or WAAS capability (makes no difference for car driving). Some units offer automatic on/off - this may be a useful feature to prevent battery from discharging too soon. If you think you may need an external antenna, look for a unit that has a plug for it.

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