Issues getting Canada Topo v4 maps from MapSource to Garmin Mobile PC
Can someone give me the steps needed to import my Canada Topo V4 maps to Garmin Mobile PC? The Topo maps aren't locked (they're the non locked type).

I select the maps in MapSource using the mapping selection tool, but I see no way to tell it to send them to Garmin Mobile PC.

On the flipside, I've tried compiling the maps into a dmapsupp.img file and sticking it into the Mobile PC dir. This allows me to see the map file within Mobile PC, but I still can't select it. Any ideas? Mobile PC and MapSource are both the latest versions.
You must first use the map section select tool to pick the sections of Topo Canada you want. Each section you pick will turn pink and be listed in the Maps tab on the left.

Once you have the parts you want, click on the Send to Device tool and select Garmin Mobile PC from the list. The first time you do this Mobile PC must be running as well. After that it is not required.

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I will give it a try again, although I'm pretty sure I followed those exact steps, yet Mobile PC did not show up in the send to device tool dialogue box.
Ok well it appears that the issue is caused by using the newest version of MapSource. Apparently I need to be using 6.13.7

There were a few links for a direct download of the setup executable, but those links are now broken. Anyone know where I can download version 6.13.7 ?
I went as far as confirming Mobile PC shows up in the list using MapSource 6.16.1 and Topo Canada. Your problems are elsewhere.

Ken in Regina
I just tested with Topo Canada v4, Mapsource 6.16.1 (the very latest) and Mobile PC. The maps transferred properly to Mobile PC and work fine.

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