What's a Strip Map in Microsoft Streets and Trips?
Would someone kindly educate me as to what a "Strip Map" prints? No need to burn my ink cartridge just to find out. Thanks in advance.
Marvin Hlavac
I have no personal experience with the various printing options in Streets and Trips, so I cannot give any personal feedback. But here is at least a quote from the manual:

Strip maps. Prints consecutive portions of a map on the left side of each page, with the corresponding directions on the right. For routes that are printed on multiple pages, the strip map shows the portion of the route included in the current page of the directions.
If you've ever got a TripTik from AAA then each map page in it is a Strip Map.
Thanks for the information. I did not find the description in Help.
I have never needed a printed map from Streets & Trips, because I am always running it on my laptop when driving. Therefore, I have never used the print option to know what preview options might be available. It occurred to me that I might be able to view a strip map before printing it. I gave it a try and found that the print option for strip maps automatically displays a thumb nail of this type map. Now, I have a visual understanding of what it is. I just hadn't thought of researching it in this manner. Thanks, again, for the help.
Back in the Old Days when my Chief Passenger would not countenance a laptop in the front of the car but would tolerate innumerable sheets of paper (?!), I found that strip maps fulfilled a need. Now, thank goodness, I have a Viliv S5.
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