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France AutoRoute 2007 Keys (in french, en français)
I've modified the coding of Keys to reflect the french names of the windows in the France AutoRoute 2006 and 2007. Without this, many of the functions did not work correctly for the french version AutoRoute compared with the english version of AutoRoute using the previous version of the translated Keys. Since I now have the France AutoRoute 2007 I was able to test and verify that it works as it should like with Streets and Trips. I wasn't able to test the 2006 version, but I expect it will work.

You can download it by clicking on the link below.
(this version will not work on an english S&T, see the Quebec french version of Keys in the other thread for this).

Edit: New version to fix the osk keyboard issue with Vista.
Uploaded a new version to fix the OSK keyboard issue with Vista. If all is well, it is back for all versions of Windows.
Added the file for year 2006.
I uploaded version 2.55. It fixes many differences between the french and english key shortcuts which prevented several features of keys from working properly. I'll be updating th version for 2006 soon.
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