History of AutoRoute and Streets & Trips
The original Automap was created by NextBase Limited a British Software Company. It was founded by five friends working out of a house in Esher, Surrey, England. We later moved to an industrial park in Staines, England. No garage was involved. Our first product was AutoRoute which was launched in 1988. We also created AutoRoute Plus, MapBase, NextBase World Explorer, MapVision, Automap Road Atlas, Automap Streets and Automap Pro.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi NextBase,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

It is worth mentioning that your original Automap worked on the DOS operating system. Later it worked even on Apple Macintosh, something many Mac users of today would really love. We often get asked here at the forum about Streets & Trips compatibility with the Mac OS.

Are you guys involved in any way with mapping software today?
None of us are involved in mapping software these days.
I was also at Nextbase in 1993. I'm most definitely not in mapping software anymore!
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