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View Poll Results: Streets & Trips 2008 - new automatic rerouting feature

The new automatic rerouting feature prevents me from using the new Streets & Trips 2008 7 30.43%
A trip planning software should allow users to turn off automatic rerouting 20 86.96%
I'm neutral or uncertain on this one 0 0%
Leave it as is 1 4.35%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 23. You may not vote on this poll

I'm a Canadian truck driver (i mean I'm driving a heavy truck) and for me S&T is like the Holly Bible. Without my laptop and of course S&T running i not even start the engine.
I was so happy when S&T 2008 was available so i bought it on the spot. Unfortunately my happiness was very short, because of automatic rerouting feature.
I need often to save the maps I'm driving, for other times and a lot of times for friends who ask me about different addresses. With S&T 2008 i can't save anything, because the first time I'm leaving the highway to fuel (is just an example) the new S&T is rerouting and the new map (after rerouting) is not including the road i was before. So for me S&T stopped at the version 2007. Until rerouting feature will not be optional, i will not buy a new version of S&T.
And is sad because i know a lot of truck drivers who are using S&T like main guidance for they're trips and all are complaining with the same thing.

BTW, this is my first post and i wish u guys all the best and drive safe.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Moose

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

Before Streets & Trips had automatic rerouting feature I added such functionality into S&T Keys, my freeware add-on for Streets & Trips. It at first wasn't an optional feature either, but after some users spoke up against it, I added the option for users to turn off automatic re-routing if they so desired. The following is a user feedback I received at that time:

"...Regarding S&T Keys, is there anyway that you can toggle auto-rerouting on and off, or is there a version that is available without the auto-rerouting feature? I'm an over the road truck driver who uses Streets and Trips every day to do all his routing and navigation, however, the auto-rerouting feature is a feature that I can't afford to leave up to chance since I drive a big rig and the last thing I need to happen is to be arbitrarily rerouted through a residential area or onto a restricted route with a possible low overhead obstruction. Consequently, as it stands now, I'm unable to use the current product because of the auto-rerouting feature..."

However, since Streets & Trips 2008 now has its own automatic rerouting feature (which users cannot turn off), even S&T Keys cannot help to disable it

Streets & Trips is a "home" product, but judging by discussions on various trucking forums it is used also by many professional truck drivers. Also the European version of MS AutoRoute is popular among truckers. But even if Microsoft doesn't want to modify the program to suit the professionals, why not do it for the owners of RV's. Every RV-related forum I have read has had many Streets & Trips fans. And there are other reasons for which even drivers of smaller vehicles may want to rather not use automatic route recalculation. It's a great feature, but users should have the option to disable it or enable it.

Different users have different needs, and I'm adding a poll to this thread so people can express how they feel on this topic. Multiple choices are allowed in this poll.
I use Streets and Trips 2008 in my large motorhome. When I leave my planned route to stop at a gas station or rest area the program locks up and closes as it tries to recalculate the route. This is a major pain that can be compounded if the road is not physically located where the mapping database thinks it is. Then the program thinks I am off route and needs to recalculate. It crashes and I am left driving with no mapping program. I think this may be an issue with my installation rather than a bug in the program. I posted the issue on the Miscrosoft S & T forum but no one has replied. I guess Microsoft does not monitor their own forum. I then downgraded to the S & T 2007 but the data is old and it does not show as many campgrounds, etc. so it in not a great solution. It does not crash however. I am now considering switching to CoPilot Live 11. I hesitate to make this switch because it is a new version and it sounds like there may be issues about moving the map around on the screen and printing maps as compared to S & T 2008.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi travelingsages,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World,

The crashing shouldn't occur. Has it been like that since you first installed Streets & Trips?
I think it worked at first but not for very long. I have totally uninstalled the program and reinstalled but that didn't help. I am running Vista with 2 gigs of RAM and nothing else running at the same time as S&T. This is very frustrating - especially if it crashes as we are driving and needing to use the directions as we drive in states that we have never been in before.
I am also having the same problem when re-routing..., The re-routing is a usefull tool.. WHEN NEEDED.... a royal pain, when you do not want it... sometimes I need to travel approx 20-30 feet to turn around (off route), by the time I turn around, I am aotomatically re-routed, and I need to turn around again.......... HELP.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Auto Rerouting Must have disable option...
I had both S&T 2007 and 2008 loaded. I eventually totally uninstalled BOTH versions and then reinstalled 2008 (and later 2007) and the problem went away. Then I went out and bought Co-Pilot version 11 and have started using it. Co-Pilot works great for driving but not as well for other things such as planning or looking for a campground.
Marvin Hlavac
Issues discussed in this thread have been addressed for the new version of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009.

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