Can I install Streets and Trips 2010 on desktop and laptop?
So I just read that the 2010 will only allow one download. I'm playing with the trial versionon my desktop where we do all our planning. The plan was to download Streets and Trips on my daughter's laptop and just transfer data from the desktop before we leave. We'd then let her use my school computer (to which I don't have administrative rights to download programs) while we use hers to navigate the motor home.

I was really starting to tap into the program's potential, but this puts a serious damper on the whole deal. She has her computer, and we have ours. Has anyone else run into this situation?
There is a pretty thorough discussion of this issue on the thread: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2448-how-many-installations-does-microsoft-streets-trips-2010-allow.

The Forum has a pretty good seach feature and many things can be found using it, including this.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi chompchomp,

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Yes, many of us use the program on both, our laptop and our desktop. The license does allow it, as long as the two computers belong to the same one primary user.
I will second Marv's reply.
Thanks so much for the help!
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