Nuvi 750 has no Favorites after sending from MS Streets & Trips
I have a Nuvi 750 I have been using for a route for the last few months. Now when I create my route on Streets & Trips, and send it via USB connection, there is no data in Favorites. I have tried a factory default reset on the Nuvi. Microsoft Streets and Trips will send the locations to another Nuvi 750 when I try. Any suggestions?

I had this happen on a Nuvi 255W, and never got it to accept the locations again. I am trying to not have to buy my 3rd GPS unit in 6 months.
A couple of suggestions depending on how and what your attempting to transfer to your 750:

- if from Streets & Trips you're right clicking on a portion of the route as shown on the map screen and selecting "send route to GPS device", then I would suggest that you insure that you have the newest version of the Garmin Communicator Plugin on your computer. The newest version is 2.9.2 and can be downloaded from Garmin: Communicator Plugin Updates & Downloads

- if you have actually created a "route" and are using Streets & Trips 2010, then you can transfer the 'route' and not just the favorites(stops) to the 750. This is something you couldn't do with the 255 as it doesn't support multistop routes.

Once Streets & Trips has calculated your route, select Data - Export to GPX file. Give your Route GPX file a name, and save it to your PC. Now connect your Nuvi to the PC and transfer the newly created GPX file to the /Garmin/GPX folder on the device. Safely Remove the 750 from the PC and let it reboot. Once rebooted, go to Tools - My Data - Import Route from File. Select your newly created GPX file and tap "Import" and once the route calculates on the Nuvi, tap OK. You can now load the complete route on your 750 by going to Where To - Routes and selecting the Route you have Imported.

A couple of points about the use of routes created in Streets & Trips on your Nuvi:

- the Nuvi will ALWAYS recalculate the route you created on Streets & Trips so it may end up different than you see it in Streets & Trips.

- I always save the GPX file from Streets & Trips to my PC as explained above. I suspect you could save it directly from Streets & Trips to the /Garmin/gpx folder on the Nuvi but wouldn't have a backup copy if one is required.
Thanks, in a round about manner you fixed my problem. The GPX file was full of 6-months worth of sent locations. Even though I had been deleting them from favorites they were all still there in the GPX file. I deleted all of them and now I can send my locations again.
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