I can't get track to open in MapSource Topo made in nRoute
I have Garmin MapSource Topo V3.02. I downloaded nRoute, and made a track in nRoute, but when I try to open saved track, Topo says file.mps is not a valid MapSource file or cannot open created in different version of MapSource.

When I try to import, it looks for files .wpt, .rte, .trk, .grm. nRoute doesnt offer "Save as", but only offers export as .gdb or .mps, but the .mps will not open in MapSource. I'm planning to order MetroGuide to use as general map program.
I can't get GpsBabel to convert gdb to mps.
Not sure if this is your problem but. To open gdb files in nRoute, they must be saved as gdb Vesion 2 in MapSource.


Ken in Regina
Save it as a .gdb file and Mapsource should open it.

What versions of Mapsource and nRoute are you using?

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