Garmin Mobile PC does not detect Nuvi 715 via USB nor Bluetooth
These are my gear:
- Garmin Mobile PC
- Mapsource 6.15.11
- Garmin Nuvi 715
- Laptop ASUS N61VN
- Windows 7 64bit

Every time I start Mobile PC it says:
Unable to locate GPS device. You must have a GPS device to get full use of this software.
This appears either by USB or Bluetooth connection.
So what's wrong?
Many Nuvi models can be made to provide GPS information to a USB port by going into test mode. I don't know if the 715 is one of them. It certainly wouldn't put that data on a Bluetooth connection even if it had one.

Next, are you sure your version of Mobile PC isn't supposed to use the GPS included with it (USB 20x or BT 10x). That is where I have seen that message. If it is, it won't work with any GPS except the one it shipped with. Did it come with a green product key label in the DVD case?

Thanks Terry.

How this test mode can be enabled in Nuvi 715?

No, my Garmin Mobile PC does not include any GPS. So if I should forget it, which laptop software you suggest instead? (Naturally, the free ones are preferred then paid ones!)
Ken in Regina
There is a discussion here somewhere that describes how to get a Nuvi to work as a GPS receiver for your laptop, if yours is a model that has that feature. I'll see if I can find it.

There is no problem using the version of Mobile PC that does not come with a GPS receiver. You just need to supply your own GPS receiver.

I think that is what you were trying to do by connecting your Nuvi. If that does not work, you can buy a GPS receiver that is made to work with laptops (the Nuvi is not designed to work with laptops as a GPS receiver. if you get it to work it is a bonus, not a designed feature).

Qstarz makes some nice models. Globalsat also makes some nice ones. You can get ones that connect by the USB port. You can get ones that connect by Bluetooth but your computer must have Bluetooth in it or you must buy a Bluetooth/USB device (they are very cheap). And you can get ones that give you a choice to connect either by USB or Bluetooth because they have both capabilities.

All of these GPS receivers will work well with your software-only version of Mobile PC.

Ken in Regina
Here's one of the threads that describes how to get the Nuvi to act as an external GPS receiver, if yours has that feature.


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