How to change the default opening city in Microsoft Streets and Trips?
Whenever I open Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008, it always opens to the same city/area.

It used to open to another city/area but somehow that changed.

I would like to know how that change is effected so I could change it at will.

Hi AR454,

Welcome to the forum and great question.

For versions before 2010 you will need to:
a) open the application by double-clicking on a saved est or stt file on your desktop
b) actually change your default "New North America map" template.

In 2010 we responded to several wish list requests to have other options easily available like: open to a specific/custom view or open to the same place I left off last time I opened streets & trips.
Thanks, Larry,

I have the original Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 but the one I use all the time and the one that has all my icons has been save as "Map of America" and I had somehow inadvertently saved it with a view of another city when I reinstalled my operating system.

So I just got the view of the city that I wanted and saved it as "Map of America -1" and then, when it worked, I then renamed the original "Map of America - original" and deleted it from my desktop and quick launch and then renamed the "-1" back to "Map of America" and put that shortcut on the desktop and all is well.

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