MapSource can't read GPX file exported from Streets & Trips

I've been playing around with importing and exporting files from and to Microsoft Streets and Trips.

I've noticed that when I export from Streets & Trips as a GPX file that Garmin MapSource cannot open the file. I'm guessing this is a MapSource short coming, but maybe someone has figured out a way to make this work.

I've found that the reason MapSource won't open the exported GPX file from Streets & Trips is because the pushpins had hyperlinks in them. I have hyperlinks in them so that I can Ctrl+L Click on them and that point is brought up in Google Maps.

I suppose it may be that MapSource does not understand the <link> GPX tag.

Has anyone run into this and found a way for MapSource to open the file. I realize that I could remove the hyperlinks and it will work, but it's a painful step to do. I don't need the hyperlink in Mapsouce, obviously, but I'm just hoping for an easy way to open the file.

Another work around is to open it in GPSU, then save it as gdb, and open it in MapSource, but again that's just another step I would rather not have to do.

I am not fully familiar with the hyperlink function. However I tried a quick test pasting a hyperlink into one pushpin location and exported the result to a gpx file. It opened fine in MapSource and showed the hyperlink in the comment section of the waypoint and in the Links section of the expanded waypoint properties box. Is this a MapSource version thing? I am using MapSource 6.16.1.

Could you post your S&T and GPX file?

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