Why aren't subway stations in Microsoft Streets and Trips?
I'm using Streets & Trips 2009. I've asked to have subway stations displayed on the map. Only one station is shown - Union Station, the train station here in Los Angeles.

I think I have the latest maps. Why aren't the stations visible?

Any ideas?


Ken in Regina
It's possible they simply aren't all listed in the maps. In fact, it's possible that none of them have been supplied yet. The fact that Union Station just happens to also be a subway station is probably a coincidence. It's quite possible that there are no others in the map data yet and that Union Station was mapped for other reasons.

The existance of a category for searching unfortunately doesn't mean that all the data is, or will be, there. It's just a place to put it and search on it as it becomes available, if it ever does.

You would have to contact Microsoft or Navteq (Microsoft's map data supplier) to see if that data is actually in there or if it ever will be reasonably complete and up to date.

2009 does not have the latest maps, Streets and Trips 2010 does.

New York City's subway stations are in it.
Ken in Regina
So it looks like it's a work in progress. That makes sense.

And the Dallas DART stations are in MapPoint 2010 - so I assume Streets & Trips 2010 does as well. DART keep building new stations, so the maps aree bound to lag a year or two behind reality.

Streets and Trips 2010 shows 45 subway stations in Dallas/Fort Worth.
Streets and Trips 2010 shows 21 subway stations for a 30-mile radius centered on Los Angeles; I don't know how many there should be.
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