Police, Fire, Emergency using Microsoft Streets and Trips
Marvin Hlavac
Gladwin just posted at Streets & Trips Facebook a link to: On the Frontlines. It's a new page at Microsoft.com that shares stories how police officers, fire fighters, sheriffs, and other emergency responders are using Streets & Trips to help them on the job.

Would you like to share your story? A picture or two?
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My Point...Exactly
Thanks for posting Marvin - it's great to see stories on the business/professional uses of Street and Trips. There are many!
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, there are many examples of business use, we just seldom hear about them. Here's one that was recently posted here at Laptop GPS World:

Originally Posted by Mandolin Guy
I just finished a trek to south Georgia where I helped various law enforcement agencies with search warrants and arrests.

I used Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 loaded on an Acer Nav 50 with Windows 7 Starter. The antenna was the standard antenna supplied by Microsoft. (The software was loaded by copying the DVD to a flash drive.)

The vehicle involved was a mobile command post. It is a flat-nosed 40' bus configuration with the front windows almost perpendicular to the ground. The only practical place to locate the antenna was on the dash abutting the windshield and the most available satellites were those only in front of the bus, however, the SiRF technology probably allowed some data to filter down through the aluminum roof.

The system performed flawlessly! There were never any "glitches" or computer hang-ups. Both original routes and re-routes were calculated quickly. The computer's battery was more than enough to operate both the computer and the antenna for several hours. The program was run for as long as 6 hours at a time and the battery was never depleted. I don't know what the total life would have been.

For those wondering whether Streets & Trips will work properly on the smaller computers, I would have to give a resounding "yes," at least on the Acer.

(Incidentally, the incident involved a dogfighting operation with participants from four states and stakes well into five figures. At least eight federal, state, county and local agencies were involved.)
And this one's very helpful to not just traveling sales people:

Mandolin Guy
I spoke with Melinda at Microsoft today. Great lady! I gave her the information on the incident Marvin mentioned above as well as our use of S&T in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.
My Point...Exactly
Hi Mandolin Guy - interested in your thoughts on this 'Wishlist' item based on your Hurricane Katrina experience.
Marvin Hlavac
Mandolin Guy, your story has just been posted at the above mentioned page. Here's an excerpt:

For this operation, Hopkins and his vehicle were supporting the central command communications. “We were in the middle of nowhere and didn’t know the area, so I used Streets & Trips to get familiar with the geography, locate the agency offices, and eventually to pinpoint each location that was a potential illegal dog fight. The informant on-site would radio to us where the criminal activity would happen next. We mapped the address in Streets & Trips, and then moved the command post to a location within 6 blocks away.” Over a period of days, the operation closed in and yielded many arrests.
The whole story, and more, at the link posted in the first post above.
Mandolin Guy
Thanks. Melissa at Microsoft and I put the final touches on it last week. When I checked, it hadn't been posted yet. Thanks for the heads up.
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