How to open a Streets & Trips .GPX file in a Nuvi?
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I have loaded a .gpx file to my Nuvi 350. This file is a route I created on Streets and Trips. The last issue I am trying to solve and hopefully some one can help me with this issue is I cannot figure out how to open that file in the Nuvi 350. Can anyone provide me with some information on this problem?
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I don't actually have a Nuvi 350 but I know this is one of the models that unfortunately doesn't support more than 1 stop on your route (via GPX or manually).

What method did you use to load the GPX into your Garmin?
Did any of the waypoints from the GPX file show up on your 350 under Favorites or Custom POI?

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Thank you Larry for your reply.
I have made a route from Pennsylvania to North Carolina in Streets and Trips. I converted that route to a .gpx and then pasted it in my Nuvi .gpx folder.
If a understand your suggestion about waypoints I would need to break down that route in to separate segments (waypoints) Each segment would only comprise a single road. In other words the drive from home to Route 70 would be one waypoint. Then from Interstate 70 to 79 would be another waypoint. So while I am navigating with the Nuvi GPS each time I reached the end of the segment I would need to load the next segment from my favorites menu to continue?
Not exactly. You don't need to do anything different with the route or the GPX file. You just need to figure out what the GARMIN NUVI is going to do with this data.

I am fairly certain that the Nuvi 350 doesn't support importing routes. If that is the case, the next best result would be to have the points along the route (starting location, destination location and any stops along the way) to be automatically listed in the favorites or custom POI area. This is still a time saver as you don't need to re-find this same location twice.

For example: your GPX file will contain data like this (if viewed in a text editor like notepad):

<rtept lat="40.2599202655256" lon="-76.8820449337363">
<rtept lat="35.7751786988229" lon="-78.6402010917664">

In your model you won't get the route but you may see the Hilton and the Sheraton added to your custom POI locations. You just need to use these newly added locations while manually creating your route on the Nuvi.

Does anyone have a Nuvi 350 who could move this discussion beyond mere speculation ??
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Seems then the problem is opening the .gpx file in the Nuvi 350.

Is there an adequate GPS that I could input routes using Streets and Trips for around $250?
Ken in Regina
You need to look on Garmin's site at the product specifications. You can select a number of different models of the Nuvi and click to "compare" them. Look down the list of specs for "Routes" and make sure it's a number you can live with.

I did a quick check and most of the ones under $250 have 0 (zero) for "Routes". That means you can't load routes into them at all. So you need to select carefully.

Here's a place to start:


You can play with the selectors at the left to get lists of models that fit those canned criteria or just leave it listing all of the models and go down the list on the right and click to select by your price range. Then click "Compare" at the top of the page so you can see which ones allow routes to be saved on the device.

By the way, the Nuvi 350 does not allow you to save routes to it. If/when you get one that does, you can look at the links Larry supplied. The first one gives you a complete step-by-step of how to do it, complete with pictures.

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Thank you for your kind reply-

How all of this started is that I bought a Nuvi 350 to help my daughter arrive at our family's vacation site in North Carolina. I discovered that when I select directions from home to the address in NC, the Nuvi 350 did not select the route the I wanted her to use. The only way to get the Nuvi to provide my daughter with the route I wanted her to drive, I had to program in various intersections and cities, save them with a label in the favorites. As she drove along and reached the waypoints she had to assign another favorite to continue her drive along the route I selected for her. Needless to say that was inefficient and cumbersome.
I was hoping that by being able to select a route of my choice from Streets and Trips (or Google maps) and down loading that in to a GPS unit, then she would not need to fumble between different waypoints.
Last year I bought a new map from Garmin and went through the same process. The new map did not show a newly open section of interstate in NC and the Nuvi 350 suggested she turn around and find the old road. I now do not want to invest in a Garmin map as I am afraid that it is not current. With ST or Google I feel confident that the route I am selecting will allow my daughter to drive the 10 hours or so without getting lost.
With that information, at this time what would you experts recommend for her driving alone to assist her in her navigation? She has a netbook with a GPS antennae and Streets & Trips, but I do not want her fumbling with the netbook on her lap while she is driving.
Thank you for any help you can give me.
Ken in Regina
Microsoft and Garmin use the same supplier for the map details -- a company called Navteq. So if the maps on Streets&Trips and the Garmin maps are of the same vintage they should have the same data.

That does not necessarily mean they will always provide identical routing between any two points. That will depend on how their routing computations are programmed and on what routing options you have selected for each. It is not easy to get the routing options in Streets&Trips set identically to the routing options you have selected in a Garmin navigation device.

No criticisms implied of either product's routing calculations or routing option settings. They're just a bit different from each other .. neither better nor worse. It is what it is.

You need a Nuvi model that supports multiple Via points in routes and that allows you to transfer and store routes on it. In your price range you should see at least a couple of models that will store up to 10 different routes.

You also need to make sure the model you get supports the insertion of Via points (known as Stops in Streets&Trips). When you transfer a route to a Garmin navigation device, it does not use the route exactly as transfered. It transfers any waypoints/Via points (aka Stops) into the Favorites on the Nuvi and then recalculates the route. Sometimes this will result in a slightly different route than you had in Streets&Trips. But with the option to insert/change Via points on the Nuvi you can fine-tune it to your liking.

I hope this helps.

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