Microsoft Streets & Trips or DeLorme Earthmate package better for RV?
I've been reading a lot of your post and trying to decide on a GPS. I am a new RVer and will being traveling cross country in a couple of months. Height and length entry I think will be very helpful. I am very adapt at using a computer but just don't know which one would be better. Just when I think I've decided something I read make me second guess myself. Help!
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Microsoft Streets & Trips is the favorite among most RVers. You can download a 60-day trial and see what you think.

I'd recommend using the POI Megafile which was designed to give truckers and RVers all the points of interested that they might need for a cross country trip (including height restrictions).
I have used both Streets & Trips and DeLorme Street Atlas products. I highly recommend Streets & Trips over Delorme for several reasons:
Ease of Use
Product Support
Delorme GPS Receiver is Manufacturer specific
Mandolin Guy
I've used both Streets & Trips and DeLorme Street Atlas in my RV. Both are great programs but like t1dunn said, the Streets & Trips may be better. He mentioned "ease of use" and that's because it follows the usual Windows procedures (drop-down menus, toolbars, etc.). DeLorme is also a great program but it has a unique interface that doesn't follow those same Windows conventions and takes some getting used to.
Thanks to all for your response. I have downloaded the trial of Streets and Maps along with the Poi Megafile and really like what I see. We are taking a short weekend trip and plan to see how it works, even thou we know were we are going, but it looks like we have already decided. About