How to get Streets & Trips to import house numbers, not just street names?
This is driving me nuts. I get an xls file with complete addresses. The file has a header. I make sure the columns are represented correctly. So for 1234 Smith St. 1234 is address 1, Smith St is address 2 etc...
It is only importing the street name, not the house number. I have to have the house number as well in order to use route planner. PLEASE HELP.
I don't have it on hand to verify, but here what I can remember:

Did you try to separate your address this way (as suggested from S&T help file):

Street Address, City, ZIP Code, State, and Country.

Try to keep the street name and street number in the same field "Street address", like "1120 Columbus Avenue" and not separate or you will get only street name I guess...
I support MML's recommendation.

If your data comes to you with the street numbers in their own dedicated column, then add a column that merges the data of that column with the street names in the XLS file. If you don't know how to do that, I (and many others here) can help you with it.
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