Is there a GPS software for laptop similar to Google Latitude?
I've just got my mobile Internet for my PC. I installed the Google Latitude, and it can detect my location as if was on an iPhone. So I am wondering if there is any GPS software that uses the same technology (triangulation), and can convert my PC into a GPS without attaching a GPS?

Thanks! This is a Rogers Internet Key 24 mbs at Canada
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Rogers, and welcome to the forums. I'm not certain if there is anything currently available that can estimate your location. A few years ago, Microsoft Streets & Trips had a feature that estimated your location based on your IP address, or based on available known WiFi networks near you. But the limited availability of the WiFi locations, and the low accuracy of the service based on the location of your ISP, never made this feature very popular. USB (or Bluetooth) GPS receivers can be purchased for even under $40, and when connected to a laptop, they can show you exactly where you are on a map.

Here's a list of PC navigation software. About