Can't import routes from MapSource to Garmin Mobile PC
Hi All,

I recently purchased Garmin Mobile PC without a GPS receiver. I have a Microsoft USB receiver that works well with Mobile PC. I also downloaded and installed Basecamp with Mapsource, and installed the latest update to Mapsource.

I used Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 to create a lengthy route with about 7 or 8 stops along the way. I exported the route to a GPX and imported it into Mapsource. Mapsource will show the route, but it doesn't have any map, so it just shows as a purple line with flags for the stops, all on a blank screen.

I then sent the route to GMPC, which went very quickly and seemed to work properly. However, when I attempt to open the route in GMPC, all I can find are the stops as POIs under Extras. What happened to the route? Do I now have to rebuild it in GMPC?

I tried to rebuild the route in Garmin Mobile PC, but it seems to get lost along the way. That is, it starts putting the stops out of order, or dropping one when I try to add another.

GMPC seems to be easy to use as a navigator, but very limited as a planner. If I can't get it to properly import my routes, I guess it will be just another useless piece of software in the drawer.

Thanks for any help, Jerry
Did you look in Tools-Manage My Data-Routes in Mobile PC? The imported route should be listed.

Yes, it says no routes are saved. I tried making a route and saving it, and it shows up, but not the one I imported.
I had similar experiences.
So far I have been unable to export route from Mapsource to Mobile PC.
Hi, I am facing same problem. When I try to send from Mapsource 6.13.7 it does not showing the Garmin Mobile PC in the list, rather it shows C:\ and D:\. But this did not help me also.

It is amazing that I could not find the physical location of these files. Where are they stored? I tried to create a route and find any modified files in my whole HDD. Looks strange for me. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit version.

Please help me. I need to upload my next vacation which I have created in Malaysian map to Mapsource.


I am also having a similar problem with importing from Mapsource into Mobile PC 5.0.60g.

I recently had to contact Garmin support to get my free map update to 2011.2 & said I was having troubles also with importing routes from Mapsource & was told that this might solve it. I downloaded the new map updates for Mobile PC & Mapsource (option mentioned in another message..thanks).

Well Mobile PC does import now but the route is not what I had in Mapsource & I get a message something like 'No roads near route'! Well after searching this site I think I have found the problem....Mapsource shows that I am using the new maps 2011.2, but I noticed that 'Include Route Calculation Data' in lower left is greyed out. So I am thinking that as this cannot be selected I am unable to send this info to Mobile PC.

So why is 'Include Route Calculation Data' greyed out, I thought Mobile PC & or the maps 'City Navigator NT 2010' & update are route-able maps?

Am I wrong? Do I have to call Garmin again to have this solved?

The reason it is greyed out is you can not unselect that option with NT maps. In other words, it is always selected. Also, it only applies to maps, which you don't want to send; it doesn't affect routes.

Ken in Regina
With the new style NT maps the route calculation data is always included so that option is not needed. The route calculation data gets sent anyway.

Have you checked in Mobile PC to be sure you have the same version of maps in Mobile PC as in Mapsource? It sounds like you don't have the right maps or you don't have the new maps selected in Mobile PC.

Go to Tools > Manage My Data > Map Sets. Click on "Built-in Maps" and it will tell you the product name and version of the maps.

If you have Built-in Maps and also Detailed Maps you will also have a "Mapsource" button available at the bottom of the page. Click the Mapsource button and you should get a page that lets you choose from the various map products which one(s) you want to use. This page will also tell you the product name and version of each.

Ken & Terry,

Thanks for your quick responses.

Well looking at my 'built In Maps' I have CN North America NT 2011.20 Below that it says
'CN north America NT 2011.20 US & Canada' below that it has
'C:\Program Files\Garmin\GarminMobilePC\
There isn't any 'Mapsource' button.
So I guess when Garmin gave me the Map update (It was a One time Nuvi Down load) that I was given the wrong file or I missed something in the set-up process?
Any suggestions or do I contact Garmin?

That is what it should say but what do you mean saying it was a download for a Nuvi? If it wasn't for Mobile PC, it won't be unlocked. I suspect you mean it was a one time update (leave off Nuvi).

Yep, you're most probably right, I can't remember...

But I just started playing with Mobile PC & Mapsource again on my Samsung UMPC, & loaded some routes that I had constructed using Mapsource that at the time I only had 'City Navigator North America 2009' into Mapsource with 'City Navigator North America NT 2011.2' calculated the route again, checked it & all looked good, then sent it to Mobile PC & low & behold it went & the route is correct . Beats me why over the past 2 days of trying it wouldn't work!

Oh well, thanks for your responses.
Update on this problem. I have managed to get one route to import into Mobile PC (sorry I have been out of country & this is the first chance I have had to play again).

BUT another route I have will not import, I get 'Unable to calculate route: no roads near starting point'. I have checked & rechecked the location of the start to ensure it is on a road...I have even gone over the whole 6300klm of the route to ensure it is on good roads.

I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong.

I have attached the gbd file in question if anyone can see the problem.

Attached Files
File Type: gdb Loveland to Home.gdb (753.3 KB)
I see 2 routes in that file. Which one won't transfer?

Both of them...but I'm interested in the 6300klm one mostly.
I tried the long route and got the same result as you (a warning about no route) when sending from MapSource to GMPC (software) 5.00.60 on one computer. I tried it again on another computer running GMPC (hardware) 5.00.70 and it transferred and appears to look ok.

Possibly the problem is with v5.00.60. What version are you using?

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