Can't import routes from MapSource to Garmin Mobile PC

I took a look at the Montana series, & yes they look like they might be a good product. I would find it TOO SMALL screen size from what I need (the eye aren't what they used to be). It is a pity that Garmin couldn't keep MobilePC going & fix the bugs & adapt some of the features that the Montana has.
The Montana screen is the same size as the Zumo and you said you had considered those, which is why I brought it up. But it goes well beyond what a Zumo can do, such as displaying City Navigator roads overlaid on aerial imagery for example.

But yes, I agree, Garmin needs an advanced model with a big screen. Mobile PC had a lot of potential to be that, but obviously this market no longer interests them. I am running it on a 9" tablet myself (HP Slate) and it works well, although I wish it could do more.
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