iPad and MotionX
I know this web site is Laptop GPS World but has anyone had a look at MotionX for the iPad?

MotionX? by Fullpower | Welcome to MotionX

I saw the iPad for the first time in Munich, Germany earlier this week. It was running Google Maps. I loved it! I want one!

... if I could get Google Maps with routing for the whole world or maybe just Europe or Australia without having to be online.

I wonder how much data that would be.

I am currently in Basle, Switzerland. We have returned from Turkey. We crossed northern Greece in 5 days and then caught the ferry from Igoumenitsa to Venice. The ferry sailed past St Mark's Square. Amazing.

MotionX requires a full-time 3G connection: The maps are not stored locally on the iPad, they're downloaded / streamed as you navigate. You would need a 3G subscription in whatever country you're travelling in order to use it.

I agree that Google Maps on the iPad is amazing: I've played with it here in my local area. But until there is an app with truly local maps, you're probably better off with a netbook and other software (Streets and Trips for US/Canada, Autoroute for Europe).
I [was aware] thought that MotionX only worked if it had a mobile phone connection - see discussion in link at bottom of this post.

Not much use in the outback of Australia where I live (Oz that is, not the outback) or the interior of Turkey where I have just spent 6 weeks.

That was why I was interested to know if Google Maps works offline on the iPad. I know how to do it in the PC world.

Since I wrote my first post I have found CoPilot Live HD for iPad:

CoPilot Live HD for iPad Preview - GPS

CoPilot Live v8 - welcome to way ahead: ALK Technologies

You may be interested in this discussion of the GPS capabilities of the iPad:

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Andrew Watson
@ airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia waiting for flight home to Perth
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Andrew Watson
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Marvin Hlavac
Andrew, perhaps it's the ability to access Laptop GPS World that keeps you still compos mentis!

It certainly helps.

It's getting bloody quiet here in the terminal. There are only 3 flights left on the departures board.

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