Import from Excel in MS Streets & Trips, want to keep my sequence.
When importing from Excel, I have already ordered my addresses, but then when I select the pushpins to "Add pushpins as stops", they automatically get re-sequenced. I want to keep them in the order that I have them in the .xls file. Help!

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Using Excel to import locations will not maintain order as it is not a routing import feature. However, if you are able to get the addresses in a GPX file then it is possible to import a GPX file that would contain ordered route points.
Marvin Hlavac
Now that the new version 2010 is capable if importing .GPX files, anyone willing to create an Excel to .GPX converter?

I think it would come handy, as I've heard quite a few people over the years asking how to import stops in their original sequence from XL to S&T.
It would probably be a higher cost option over S&T and a quick little utility, but another alternative is to move up to MapPoint and use our "RouteWriter" add-in. The "RouteReader" half is designed just for this kind of problem - creating routes out of pushpins and sorting the pushpins in a specific order (eg. sequence number)

I can think of a work-around that may help.

Add a new column to the spreadsheet and fill the cells with the sequence numbers you have in mind. That is easy to do; you probably know how.

Then, when you run the data import wizard, designate that new column as the Name data and the designate the column with the 'real' name as Name2. In this way, the pushpins will be named first the sequence number and then the 'real' name. Then, after you add these pushpins as Stops, you can re-order them according to your preferred sequence. It ain't pretty, but I think it will work.
Ken in Regina
To convert your Excel spreadsheet to GPX save the spreadsheet as CSV and use a CSV to GPX converter:

Convert CSV, GPX, OV2, KML, LMX, etc.

GPS Visualizer: Convert GPS files to plain text or GPX

There may be others. Your search engine is your friend (e.g. convert CSV to GPX).

As Ken mentioned above there are tools to convert addresses to lat/long coordinates (which you need for GPX files) but I have not found a way to convert a list of addresses in a CSV file into ROUTE POINTS (not WAYPOINTS) in a GPX file.

If they are not GPX route points then it really hasn't solved the problem Craig is facing. They will just show up as pushpins on the map and not in the route planner.
Ken in Regina
Good point, Larry. I missed that. The only solution to that would be to do a global cut/paste in the GPX file to change <waypt> to <rtept>. But that might not be sufficient and I would hesitate to recommend it without some testing. Any solution is going to be messy.

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