Navigation on a computer in my truck for off-roading in the desert needed
Hey guys, I'll start out by saying that I really don't know much about GPS's or anything, but I'm looking for something that I can use on a computer in my truck (it has 3G service so I almost always have Internet at least, IDK if that matters, haha) while I'm off-roading in the desert. I guess I should say I need something that I can create and edit maps with with satellite imaging (that is a must for off roading to see the terrain), and be able to track myself live.

Let me know your input, any suggestions, if I'm talking crazy, anything! It's appreciated.

Overland Navigator was specifically designed for offroaders.
Ken in Regina
You can do it all with Google Earth, especially if you have connectivity most of the time.

As was mentioned, you will need a GPS receiver. Google Earth can be really difficult to get working for realtime navigation so a helper program like Earthbridge is a good idea.

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