How to open ALL information balloons at once in Microsoft Streets & Trips?
Is there a way to make all the push pins display the balloon information? I know I can right click on each pin and show information, but I want to do it to ALL my push pins.
You can open the all balloons of an open pushpin set with a single operation.

Open the Legends panel (ctrl-G) and check to see if the pushpin set of your interest is open. It will not have "(hidden)" after it. If it is hidden, right-click the name of the pushpin set you want to show, and then click Show pushpin set to open it. All pushpin sets can be opened or hidden in a single operation by right-clicking on Pushpins at the top of the Legends panel and clicking accordingly. Then, right-click on the pushpin set and click on Show all pushpin information. This can be toggled back and forth.

Oddly, not all of this is documented in Help. Maybe it is too obvious.
Marvin Hlavac

The Hide/Show Information is a new feature added to Streets and Trips 2010.
Maybe in Streets and Trips 2012 this feature will be documented in Help and there might even be a global open-all-balloons functionality rather than set-by-set.
I'm hoping that they add the option to open all the "name" tags just as they added open all information balloons.

This is a good suggestion which I support but it should be in the Streets & Trips Wishlist section.
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