Can I select a DEFAULT state for searches in Streets and Trips?
Is there a way to make Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 only search One State? I mean I enter an address, and it shows me all the listings in all the states, and 99.9% of the time it is in the same state as your GPS receiver. I would like to be able to select a DEFAULT state for searches. Can this be done?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Dwight,

Welcome to the forums. The following topic contains the same question and it has been answered by Gladwin (Microsoft).

The Find feature (ctrl-f) 'remembers' search terms to some extent. So, if you enter 'Miami' in the City field, it will be remembered and, if you only have done a search for Miami, when you type "m" in the city field, Miami will pop up. It is not quite what you want, but it is something. I suggest you add the request for this functionality to the Streets & Trips Wishlist found elsewhere in this Forum.
Ken in Regina
SpadesFlush, they just need to make the State/Prov field in the Find dialog "sticky". As it is, every time you pop it up you need to select the state or it defaults to "-any-".

Dwight, at this point the simplest is to use Ctrl-F to pop the Find dialog and set the state to the one you want. That's a minor nuisance but you only have to type the two character abbreviation and hit Enter. It makes the search way quicker and you only get the hits in the state you are interested in.

Just type comma and then the two letter abreviation.
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