Google Earth doesn't see my Garmin GPS via GpsGate
I have Windows 7 and Garmin Oregon 550 (USB port). I have recently downloaded GpsGate trial version, and I have free version of Google Earth.

I have been able to run GPS Gate successfully, it has recognized my Garmin GPS. I have been able to add Google Earth in output. It says it is running OK, but I am unable to see myself on Google Earth. Is there any setting I have to do on Google Earth also for this?

This while I am connected to Internet. What will happen once I am disconnected from Internet and wants to see my self on Google Earth and track my position through my GPS?

Please help

I have not tried this configuration, myself. But, I seem to remember from other threads that the Earth Bridge program may help with what you are doing. You may want to search this forum for "Earth Bridge."

I hope that points you in the right direction. The other experts on this forum will certainly know the answer to your question and will give you a direct answer. I thought my idea might give you something to explore in the mean time.

As for disconnecting from the internet, you will have to download the map files for the areas you expect to be in before starting your trip. You can search the forum for instructions on this, also.
Did you go through the tutorial on the GPS Gate site?

Connecting Google Earth to GpsGate Client! - Support -

Thanks for the reply. I have read the article word by word, and followed it very carefully. If it is still possible to miss the detail, I should be blamed for it. As far as Earth Bridge is concerned, I have seen that also, but why to go for more intermediate softwares once GpsGate claims that it does what I want. So I am pretty sure that I am making some mistake, and want some one to direct me the correct procedure. About