iGuidance 2011 to be announced in August
Marvin Hlavac
iGuidance 2011 (internally known as version 4.2) is expected to be announced by email to iNav's existing customers during the first week of August 2010. It's going to be a map refresher with a couple of new features.

This relates to the Laptop / UMPC / CarPC version. There has not yet been a decision made about the PocketPC version, but iNav hopes to release more info about this by the end of July.
So, they changed their minds about the name again! Sounds good but internally 4.2? They have used the same main version number longer than Mobile PC now!

Ken in Regina
At least it's less buggy than Mobile PC.

I'm assuming that iGuidance still has no support for importing your own POI's, correct?
Marvin Hlavac
Malaki86, as soon as the final version is ready, it will be reviewed here. I don't have any details at this point, and I don't want to guess. From what I hear, they are busy at the moment finishing an OEM project, and then they will start working on iGuidance retail.
Marvin Hlavac
Update (Sept 2)

iGuidance 2011, the Laptop & Netbook/Car PC version, will release soon. It will include new map data plus other minor bug fixes & enhancement made to route engine algorithm on the backend. PocketPC version will be discontinued and all remaining inventory has been placed on clearance sale (corp/gov volume licensing for Pocket PC version will still be available depending on customization required).

iNav hopes iGuidance 2011 PC will be available by October at the latest, and they're also evaluating the possibility of offering it online as a downloadable version.
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