MapPoint 2010 - Hiding Balloons?
I am new to MapPoint and have read the related posts here, a ton of great information...

What I have not been able to determine is whether there is a way to hide baloons once they are created on a map. I have a map with approx. 5 different balloons and need the ability to hide them in 'layers' as needed.

This is easily accomplished when using simple pushpins by selecting "Hide this pushpin set" but I have not found an equivalent for the balloon sets.

If I cannot find a solution I will likely default to colored pushpins and lose the data-richness of the multi-sized baloons.

Thanks for any information anyone can offer.

Marvin Hlavac

Hi Mike, and welcome to the forum. Doesn't the "Hide all pushpin information" option doesn't accomplish it?

Thanks for your reply. It looks like baloons have different attributes than pushpins and that the control is not as robust. If you use the Import Wizard and bring in data as a "Sized Circle" (perhaps I should have called it that instead of a "balloon") you do not have the show/hide option if you right-click on the resulting graphic.

Does that help clarify?

Thanks again,
Yes in MapPoint-ese, "balloon" refers to the "pushpin information" - ie. the little popup box with the name, data fields, etc. for each pushpin.

It makes sense that those two entries do not make much sense for a sized circle dataset.

Although "Hide Pushpin Set" makes more sense, if this doesn't appear then it could be more of a language issue? You are plotting a "dataset" and not a "pushpinset" (which contains pushpins).


You are exactly right, I am plotting a dataset and not a pushpin set. I think my new-ness with the product had me confusing the terms and their associated attributes.

I am using the import wizard to import datasets stored in Excel, in order to populate various colored baloons on the map. My problem is that I would like to keep up to 10 datasets loaded but only display one or two at a time. That was my driver for trying to find a show/hide function.

I changed over to pushpins to achieve that function, but the loss of the rich data (dynamic sized balloons) was not acceptable to my client, so I wound up creating 8 discrete map files, each with only 1 dataset displayed.

So my question correctly stated would be, is there a way to show/hide datasets that have been imported to the map? If not, I assume there may not have been a demand for this functionality, or it there has been, perhaps the feature is on its way?

Thanks again for your replies,
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