Time Zone info missing in Streets & Trips 2010, present in earier versions.
In Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009, and previous, if you were zoomed in to at least 18 miles (zoomed in more is better) and double clicked in a blank area it would give you the time zone that point is in (pic attached).

Does anyone know how to get this in 2010? I've been trying to find the hotkey sequence that will give this dialog because I've seen it playing with AutoIt but haven't been able to get it.

Knowing the time zone for me is critical in planning long timed routes.

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Hi Curt,

I think you are right. When they added the "area hit detect" back in recent versions it came back with everything but the timezone.

Using Area Hit Detect to know where you clicked - Windows Live

Hi Larry,

Once again you're right on the mark. I'm glad you know what these features are called.

We had it. We took it out. We put it back with less features.

I just don't understand sometimes why when I find a feature that's useful they somehow remove just the part I used.

Well maybe I can convince them to bring it back.

Thanks again for pointing out the feature.

Marvin Hlavac
As a work-around, you can use Steve's Time Zones for Streets and Trips template.
Thanks Marvin. I loaded it up yesterday when he posted on another list.

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