Can the Transfer to GPS option in Streets & Trips 2010 transfer all my pushpins?

I'll admit I didn't dig deep to find this so I'm hoping someone will just have a link to this one.

How do I transfer all of my pushpins to the GPS? I know I can do it via GPX export and if that's the only way to do all of them at once that's fine.

I was just wondering if the "Transfer to GPS" option in the menu can do the same thing or not. Also can that option transfer routes as well as all the pushpins?

I did some tests using the Transfer to GPS function. I used my Zumo 665.

1. Can transfer a single pushpin
2. Can transfer all the stops on a route

1. Routes do not transfer to the GPS, only the stops on the route
2. There's no feature to transfer sets of pushpins to the GPS

Obviously if you use the GPX export feature this isn't an issue. However I'm trying to write up the transfer to GPS feature and it's full capabilities.

Does anyone have different results than what I've listed above?

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