Drawing tool not working in Microsoft Streets & Trips. All options are grayed out.
I previously used Streets & Trips 2005. I import large address lists and need to collate them into groups with mileage limits. Previously, I would use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+E to get the draw tool and quickly click and drag to get an estimate of distances between data points or groups of data points.

Now, I have Streets & Trips 2007 and CTRL+E doesn't work and neither does manually clicking on the draw tool - all options are grayed out. I have attached a screenshot to illustrate my problem.

Thanks in advance for helping, I will not be able to work without a fix!
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I have tried in 2009 version and <ctrl>E work very well to bring the draw tool... Have you tried to click in the map first before doing <ctrl>e? If the focus is in the legend pane for example, it won't work at all...
Yes of course. I am very familiar with the software and have tried everything I can think of.
Why not upgrade to a more recent version. This problem seems to be fixed. You will get a map upgrade at the same time...
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