Which GPS receiver for a laptop in my Land Rover?
Hi guys, can somebody help me please ,I want to put an Acer Extensa 5220 laptop into my Land Rover Defender so I can use it as a sat nav when I go off roading here in the U.K. The computer has already been loaded with "memory map" which covers the whole of the U.K. What else do I need, please? Someone said all I need is a USB GPS receiver, and said GlobalSat BU-353 will be perfectly OK. Is he right or will I need to buy anything else.


I drive tractor-trailer (lorry's in the UK) all over the USA. I use a BU-353 and it's perfect. I have it mounted outside the truck's cab in the weather and have no issues with it. I drive 100-120,000 miles per year.
I'll give another vote for the BU-353. Have used it during some extreme weather conditions in the past month or two.
Thanks guys, at least I know what to go for now
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