Driving time incorrect in MapPoint 2010
On my device (Asus R2H) sometimes the driving time is completely wrong! A 30 mins drive is indicated as over an hour! It does count down, but the actual time is only right just 5-6 minutes before I am at my destination!

If I look at the "Directions" tab it is indicated correctly.
Recalculating the route returns the same driving time.

Does anybody know what I am looking at here?
Have you checked your driving speed settings under Route Options?

I assume you are referring to the data displayed in the Navigation Panel. Fortunately, the font employed there is so small that I cannot, as a practical matter, read it whilst driving so I ignore it completely.
Yes, that's what I mean!

I have to put my R2H to 1024x600 instead of 800x480 as well to be able to use the whole application! On a 7" screen everything will be rather small in that case. I will be very happy if I have my EXOPC!

Driving speeds are all set to "Average"
I personally find the "Average" speeds to be "conservative."
But it shouldn't indicate over an hour driving time on a trip that will still last for less than 30 minutes.
Yes, but for me, its unreliability is negated by its invisibility.

Frankly, I would rather have the 'screen landscape' used for something useful or at least reliable, such as trip or segment average speed. Or, even better yet, actual speed versus route projected speed.
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