GiSTEQ USB GPS Canmore GT-730F overheats & stops working
I posted this over on the Streets & Trips Forum but thought it might prove useful to some here.

> I am using S&T 2010 on an e-machine laptop and tracking with the GiSTEQ USB
> GPS Receiver (Also known as Canmore GT-730F I think).
> I have it plugged directly into the Laptop and use inside my motor home
> sitting on the Dog House between Driver and Passenger.
> I am not using an extension cable. The GPS will pick up Satellites quickly
> and USUALLY track fine - - - -BUT - - - - once in a while, without warning
> the little arrow will take off cross country not following the roar even
> closely. Then just as quickly,it will move back to the road.
> The only thing I can think of is that it is losing a Satellite lock for the
> short time it goes off track and then regains it. The indicated speed is also
> affected as is the compass heading.
> Has anyone else experienced this and if so did you find a solution???
> I am think of buying a 6 foot extension cable to move the Dongle away from
> the laptop and closer to the windshield for a closer view of the sky.
> The Mo Ho has a fiberglass shell by the way!!!
This a up date to the above - - - -
I just made a trip from central Florida to Toronto Canada and back and the GPS worked part of the time! I used it with both the short extension provided with the Dongle and with a 6 foot extension. The unit preformed well on the trip north although it would occasionally go nuts and track all over the place and the speed would vary from 0 to 100 and then it would pop back and work normally.

While driving around Toronto, the dongle became intermittent and would lose lock completely. Sometimes it would come back and sometimes it would be almost a day before it would start working.

On the way home I believe I have located the problem, at least with this particular dongle. I noticed that when the unit quit working it was HOT to the touch. After it cooled down it would start working again, then it would
become erratic and then it would drop out. I would unplug it, cool it down and then it would start working again.
I believe that for some reason, the 6 foot cable caused the unit to heat up faster than the short cable.

For whatever reason, this unit, in my opinion is unreliable. It would fail at the worst of time when it was relay needed.

I am in the market for a reliable and accurate GPS dongle that will work with Microsoft Streets and Trips. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
The GlobalSat BU-353 has a fixed length cable, works fine with S&T and is inexpensive. I have never heard of it overheating.

Thanks Terry - - - - I will look into that.
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