Garmin Mobile PC backup & recovery
Can anyone suggest a method of either creating a recovery disk, or what files/folders should be "backed up", in the event of Garmin Mobile PC developing problems? Or, in fact, any other advice for avoiding painful recovery situations.

I'm no computer guru, but I don't think Windows restore points would help in most cases? Also, is it correct that there is no "repair" facility on Garmin Mobile PC?

There is no repair operation for GMPC that I know of. We haven't heard from anybody else that has had as major a problem as you are apparently dealing with. The 2 locations that contain most information GMPC uses have already been listed. The 'Devices' one is particularly important to those who use the software version as it contains the key. It is not removed when GMPC is uninstalled. The other location keeps all the variables such as tracks, routes and waypoints in nvm files and a gpx location which can be rebuilt from the nvm files when GMPC is started.

I would have thought that a problem from importing data from MapSource could be resolved by deleting the appropriate nvm file (e.g garmin_strk.nvm if you had imported tracks) and maybe current.gpx.

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