Navigon Navigator 2.0 - MAPS for USA
Can I buy MN6 USA maps and use them with the Laptop version? Or is there a tool to convert another map for use with navigator 2.0?

Thank you!
Marvin Hlavac
Hi caid602,

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Hmm, I don't know if the map data from the PDA version is compatible with the PC software application. But that's an interesting question.

Do you have the PC software? I have no clue where to buy it. I only saw a couple of on-line retailers in Europe selling the European version. It seems no one is selling the North American version. I sent e-mail to Navigon, but never received a reply. I was told by a US distributor of various other software that he tried to be a distributor of this product, but he got the impression that the developer was much more interested in selling its other products. This is unfortunate, because this is one excellent piece of software.
not yet, I was considering buying it, but I just read that this product is discontinued. Too bad, now I will have to lock for something else, Copilot 11 for laptops or sygic drive or navilock NB7 look nice at first sight.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, they do look wonderful. Don't overlook iNav iGuidance, though. In the eyes of some people iNav iGuidance may not look as sleek as the programs you listed, but it has been a reliable GPS navigation software for many users since the very first version.

I just did test the new PDA maps on te laptop version but this doesn't seem to work! This is one great looking navigation software! Does anybody know how to convert these maps in order to get them working on the Navigator 2.0?

If it's possible to convert the pda maps to the laptop version then it's very easy to get USA maps working on the laptop.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi tsx,

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My guess is that attempting to use the map data files from the PDA version within the PC version of their product would be against the terms of use agreement. And I have no idea what (if anything) they are planning to do with the PC software .

I agree that this is a very nice product, though. I wish people could actually buy it some place. About