Laptop mapping software for Europe needed
Perhaps someone could kindly suggest some laptop mapping software for Europe, but in particular - France, Belgium, Germany, and Poland.

I have been using Navigator Europe complete with the GPS aerial plugged into my USB port. However have purchased a new laptop with no DVD drive, and router/ethernet/iso software is driving me round the bend, so I need some GPS software I can just download - maybe Microsoft AutoRoute, but the forum may know better.

Originally Posted by Smokeyone is driving me round the bend...
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That's a common fault of all this navigation software -- it often "drives us round the bend." Hopefully, the road is going that way, too.

But seriously, Microsoft's AutoRoute is very good and has good coverage of all the countries you enumerate and it is downloadable from MSFT without a disk. You can try it free with full functionality for 60 days and then buy the license, if you like. Contrary to what some vendors say, you can operate two installed instances of A/R on one license.

I don't feel qualified to offer relative qualitative judgements vis a vis other navigation programs as I have used only AutoRoute for the past +/-10 years but I don't think there is anything better.
Autoroute it is then - I'll give it a go.

Thanks for the advice... About