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I own I larger tract of land that is densely wooded. I would like to find one of the corners that is "lost" in a thicket. The other three corners are in the open. I am looking for a free program, or method, with which I may stand at a known corner and enter the course angle and distance to the "lost" corner.

I have S&T 08 & 10, SeaClear II, and Google Earth with Topo overlay. Streets & Trips will let me measure the distance, but doesn't allow me to enter the course angle.

Any suggestions?
You may have to use trigonometry.

If you start from a known spot (as it sounds like you intend), you can create a right-triangle, using two legs of known length in the area that is accessible. That will allow you to compute the angles of the hypoteneus to those other two sides of the triangle. Or if you have the angle, you can calculate the heading using the geophysical coordinates, which Streets & Trips provides, and vice versa.
Ken in Regina
Some of Garmin's handheld devices that are used for hiking will allow you to project waypoints.

On the Garmin Oregon, for instance, you can enter a distance and bearing and it will project to the waypoint from where you are.

My eTrex Legend HCx also has this feature. It's not exactly intuitive. It projects one waypoint from another waypoint. So if you want to project the new waypoint from where you are standing, first you must create a waypoint where you are standing. Then you can select that waypoint and project the new waypoint from it by using the distance and bearing to it.

I think it's just doing the geometry calculations that SpadesFlush described. The advantage is that you can then walk the line to the projected waypoint using the hiking navigation features of the handheld. That is, the handhelds will give you some sort of navigation screen that normally includes a compass rose with indicators for your bearing (where you want to go) and heading (where you are currently going) so you can zero in on the desired waypoint.

There may be similar software for the laptop but I've never looked.

Ken in Regina
Here's a helpful page that illustrates how you would do it on a handheld like mine.

How to Project a Waypoint <edit>Expired link was removed</edit>

The next step would be to ask the handheld to help you navigate to the projected waypoint.

At the bottom of that page is a link to a Great Circle Calculator. If you scroll to the second entry you can "Compute lat/lon given radial and distance from a known point". This does the math SpadesFlush was talking about. If you can find something that will help you navigate there with a laptop, you can just plug the coordinates in. Sea Clear II might do the job for the straight-line navigation part??

Thanks, guys. You are always so helpful.

Yes, Ken, "projecting a waypoint" is exactly what I would like to do. I was aware of the feature in handheld devices, but I had forgotten the terminology.

I will check out your suggestions, do a bit more research and re-post.

I did a quick search on Bing using "Free "project a waypoint"" and lots of stuff popped up... everything from FizzyCalc by to iPod geocaching apps... I'm going to check out FizzyCalc.

Edit: I downloaded FizzyCalc. It looks like it will get the job done, nicely. It is a small .exe program. It has a "Projection" tab that opens a small page to enter your starting point, distance and direction. It, then, calculates the needed waypoint. Enter that into your existing gps program and you are good to go.
Ken in Regina
Good to know you're finding what you need. You'll still need something that will help you navigate to the projected waypoint. I'm guessing that Sea Clear should have something similar to the handhelds for straight line navigation to keep you headed in the right direction.

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