MapPoint 2010 tracking issue with loaded saved map
To make a long story short, I use Mappoint 2010 with Microsoft GPS receiver which was included with the software. I always use the same map that I add pushpins and info onto, the document is 6.29 MB and when compressed it takes 4.32 MB. When I use this map with the receiver it freezes (but continues to trace) in order to update the map I need to double click on the screen.

When I use a new map (virgin) it works just fine without freezing.

I am wondering if there would be a way to freeze my info onto the map to save space? What I mean is to add it the same way as the info already on the map (hotels, restaurants etc)?

Marvin Hlavac
Hi waymore, and welcome to the forum. It don't think it is possible what you are asking, as only the developer, Microsoft, could add POIs (restaurants, etc) to the map. Users can only use pushpins.

It is possible your old file is somehow corrupted. I'd suggest to copy all your pushpins (and other objects) from your old map, and then paste it to a brand new map file, and save it.

Performance may improve if you hide unneeded pushpin sets while navigating with GPS. In the new Mappoint 2010 it is very easy to hide/show pushpin sets.
Hi Marvin,

Thanks for the hint. I tried to copy and paste a few times in the past and 5 minutes ago, it seems to be coping but I cannot paste it onto a new map. The way I do it is I go to file click copy...then go onto a new map then file click paste and nothing get's copied, Am i doing it the wrong way?
Your other hint I haven't tried yet but I'm sure hiding some pushpins might help (I have over 30000 pins)


Marvin Hlavac
Eric, open Legend & Overview pane (Ctrl+G), right-click a pushpinset, and then click Copy (or Cut). Then open a new map (Ctrl+N), and paste (Ctrl+V) the pushpins there.
Thanks Marvin! Is there also a way of coping highlights?
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, click on it, to select a drawing, a highlight, or any other object, and then cut it (Ctrl+X).

I prefer to cut (Ctrl+X) as opposed to copy (Ctrl+C), because if I have many objects to move, I don't have to remember which ones I've done already.

Then you just paste (Ctrl+V) the objects, one-by-one, into your new map.
Merci beaucoup! I will try that.

Thanks again and have a great evening as well as a great weekend.

Ken in Regina
When using Cut (Ctrl + X) instead of Copy (Ctrl + C), we always do a backup of the map file before we start. .... Right?

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