Microsoft Street Trips for Asia?
Hello to all. I have installed Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 navigation software, but it only show map of US and Canada. I live at south east Asia.

Any method to improve the software which include map for Malaysia?

Can anyone teach me how to use this software like get direction in Google Map?

Ken in Regina
Hello Peterwkc,

You should take a look at the Malsingmaps site. It is for GPS users in Malaysia and Singapore and other parts of Asia. It has many map products that will work in your part of the world. Many are free. It also has forums to talk about many of the same things you are interested in.

Malsingmaps.com - GPS Portal of Malaysia and Singapore

Marvin Hlavac
Peter, you may also look into using Garmin Mobile PC with Garmin-compatible 3rd party map data of Malaysia. Check out our Garmin forum for details
Thanks for you all reply.

I have look into those link provided by you all.
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