Bridge heights in Streets & Trips
I am trying to get the bridge heights from the website "Lowclearances.com" to import into a Streets and Trips 2010 file, but the file extension ".EST" from the website is not recognized by Streets. Does anyone know how to use the bridge clearance website with Streets?

Thank You
Marty Halwix
Hi Marty,

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.est files are saved Streets & Trips files. If you simply double-click on them they will open up in S&T automatically. You don't need to use the Import data wizard.

FYI - the POI Megafile has low bridges plus hundreds of more POI in a single file. Give it a try.

Note: I've never used the LowClearances.com database but it does look from their website to be more exhaustive than the free collections.

What is the meaning of the bridge heights.
If I click on the "13'2"" pushpin, is it showing all of the spots that are lower than that height?

Thanks for sending me the link.

That is how I understand it to work. If you "show info" on the yellow icons on the map you can easily view the reported height for each location.
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